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Posted on: January 29, 2008 10:57 pm
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2008 NL West Predictions

1. Dodgers- I like the signing of Joe Torre here. He will be a good mentor for a lot of the great young players that the Dodgers have (Matt Kemp, James Loney, Andre Ethier, Russell Martin, etc.). I really like the Andruw Jones signing as well. All I think he needed was a change in scenery, and he got it. The outfield situation is going to be one of the toughest in the majors. I think Juan Pierre gets left out because he is a devensive liability, he has a weak arm, and he doesn't hit for power. Plus, Ethier and Kemp have a lot more upside.

2. Rockies- The Rockies signed Matt Holliday and Troy Tulowitzki to contract extensions, so they should be fine on offense. The starting rotation is decent with Jeff Francis, Aaron Cook, and Ubaldo Jimenez at the top. They signed Kip Wells, Mark Redman and Josh Towers during the offseason to help the rotation. They still have Franklin Morales as well. The bullpen is solid at the back with Manny Corpas and Brian Fuentes. I still think the Rockies will come up short of the wild card.

3. Diamondbacks- The major acquisition here was the Diamondbacks trading for Dan Haren. I don't think he is going to have as good of a year as people think (because of the ballpark), but he is going to have a decent year. The starting rotation is one of the best in the majors with Brandon Webb, Dan Haren at the top. If Randy Johnson returns to the form that he had when he was healthy last year, the D-Backs just may have the best rotation in all of baseball. The offense is once again going to be the problem. They did nothing in the off-season to help one of the worst offense in the MLB last year. The Diamondbacks did overpay for Eric Byrnes. He tanked at the end of the season, which most people knew he was going to do (including myself). They also traded Carlos Quentin in the off-season to the White Sox. Losing Tony Clark to free agency will hurt them a lot. I am not a big fan of Justin Upton starting every day either.

4. Padres- The Padres have a great pitching staff with Jake Peavy and Chris Young at the top. They still have Greg Maddux, one of the best control pitchers in the league. They also added Randy Wolf and Mark Prior. Prior has plenty of upside, and if he can avoid the injury bug, he could be in line for a good season. The ballpark definitely benefits pitchers, which is great for the Padres. The bullpen is one of the best at the back with Trevor Hoffman, Heath Bell, Kevin Cameron, and Cla Meredith. Their problem, just like the Diamondbacks, is offense. The Padred offense is one of the worst in the league. They traded for Jim Edmonds in the off-season, but Edmonds, along with Brian Giles, are very old. Both are not the offensive threats they once were, and their defense has declined as well. Adrian Gonzalez has a lot of power in the middle of the order, but besides Gonzalez, Giles, and Edmonds, there isn't much else.

5. Giants- The Giants also have a solid pitching staff. Barry Zito is at the top of this stron rotation. I think he will have a much better year this year. Then come the young guns- Tim Lincecum, Noah Lowry, and Matt Cain. All of them have tremendous upside, and I think Lincecum will have the best year out of all of them. The bullpen is very shaky. I don't know how the Giants will win close games with Brian Wilson, Vinny Chulk, and Randy Messenger at the back of the bullpen. The Giants offense is not too good, either. The offense is one of the oldest in the league- with 6 of their 8 starters 33 or older (Omar Vizquel, Rich Aurilia, Randy Winn, Ray Durham, Dave Roberts, and Bengie Molina). They did sign Aaron Rowand to a big contract, but remember the last player the Giants signed for a big contract through free agency? Barry Zito, and how did that one turn out? I personally think Rowand is overrated. He is a great defensive player, but I think he benefited from playing around a great lineup his whole career (White Sox, Phillies). He has also played in hitter's ballparks for most of his career (Citizen's Bank Park and U.S. Cellular Field). Let's see how he does with a bad offense and a pitcher's park. I don't think this team is that bad, but someone has to come in last.
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