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Here are the four players that I think are in the running to win the MVP award (in no order).

Chris Paul (Hornets)

Games Played: 80
Overall Record: 56-26
Record with Paul: 55-25
Record without Paul: 1-1
PPG: 21.1
RPG: 4.0
APG: 11.6
SPG: 2.7
BPG: 0.1
TOPG: 2.5
FG%: 48.8
FT%: 85.1
3PT%: 37.0

Chris Paul has led the Hornets all season long with his scoring ability and great passes. He led the Hornets to the 2nd seed in the Western Conference this year and the Southwest Division title. Not many people picked them over the Spurs or Mavericks, and Paul was a big part of it. He also scored in bunches when David West and Peja Stojakovic were hurt.

Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

Games Played: 82
Overall Record: 57-25
Record with Bryant: 57-25
Record without Bryant: 0-0
PPG: 28.3
RPG: 6.3
APG: 5.4
SPG: 1.8
BPG: 0.5
TOPG: 3.1
FG%: 45.9
FT%: 84.0
3PT%: 36.1

Kobe Bryant led what could be the biggest surprise of the season. He and the Lakers were the best team in the Western Conference, which is loaded with plenty of great teams. Kobe took 1690 shots, which is the lowest total for him since 2004-05. He also had the most assists in a season (for him) since 2002-03. Also, this season was the first in which Kobe managed to play every game (not counting the strike-shortened 1998-99 season). Injuries around him occurred throughout the season, but Kobe helped his team win despite the injuries.

LeBron James (Cavaliers)

Games Played: 77
Overall Record: 45-37
Record with James: 45-30
Record without James: 0-7
PPG: 30.0
RPG: 7.9
APG: 7.2
SPG: 1.8
BPG: 1.1
TOPG: 3.4
FG%: 48.4
FT%: 71.2
3PT%: 31.5

LeBron James is very valuable to the Cavs. In the 7 games that he did not appear in, Cleveland failed to win a single game. LeBron has the best stats out of all of these candidates, but his team has 10 less wins than the other MVP candidates' teams. LeBron can single-handedly take over a game, and if the opposition isn't guarding him, they are in for a long night. LeBron has taken Cleveland to a new level, and that is with not many good players around him.

Kevin Garnett (Celtics)

Games Played: 71
Overall Record: 66-16
Record with Garnett: 57-14
Record without Garnett: 9-2
PPG: 18.8
RPG: 9.2
APG: 3.4
SPG: 1.4
BPG: 1.3
TOPG: 1.9
FG%: 53.9
FT%: 80.1
3PT%: 0.0 (0-11)

In one of the biggest off-season acquisitions, Kevin Garnett went from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Boston Celtics. He has made a huge impact on the team, and the Celtics have had their best season since 1985-86, which was when the Celtics won their last title. Even though Garnett's stats took a big hit, the impact that he has on a game is still there. He has the worst stats out of everyone on here, but his team had the best record in the NBA by 9 games. His leadership combined with his ability makes Garnett a great candidate.

My rankings:

1. Paul
2. Garnett
3. Bryant
4. James
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